Easy Wine Bottle Lights
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Easy Wine Bottle Lights
Easy Wine Bottle Lights
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How To Make Wine Bottle Lights

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Amy, a customer, had a question. She bought some of those arrowhead shaped bits at her local hardware store to drill wine bottles. It was taking forever and she was breaking half of the bottles.

She asked about diamond core bits. It will take 2-3 minutes to drill each hole. She won't break another bottle, as long as she doesn't press too hard. When the diamond bits wear out (35-50 bottles) they simply spin in the hole and stop drilling. They don't break the bottle.

The most popular combination is 1/2" and 3/4".

1/2" is usually the smallest size hole for the holiday string lights. 3/4" is popular with artists making a larger volume of lights. The lights are easier to get through the larger hole. This set has both 1/2" and 3/4".

You'll drill wine bottles to make glass bottle lamps. All you need is a few simple instructions and a diamond drill bit. Use your regular drill or drill press. No special drill, no expensive setup.

“You’re a lifesaver! Your information for
drilling glass, was wonderful. THANK YOU!”

Becky C. in Erie, PA

Use your creativity to make unique "one-of-a-kind" lamps and holiday decorations.

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  • Bonus: Wine Bottle Light idea guide

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